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As most of you know, my main kink is bondage. Nothing revs up my motor more than seeing a hot muscled guy roped up and silenced…and if he’s got facial hair and is wearing leather or a uniform, even better. I can honestly say that I have been turned on by bondage ever since I was a kid. I can remember as far back at the age of three, watching the old Batman series and getting excited by what was being done to Robin, or by the staked-out cowboys on Gunsmoke. It may sound odd, but I was excited by bondage long before I felt any kind of “sexuality”. As I got older, I found I like guys too…especially the ones with beards or mustaches…so it seemed perfect to combine the two.

My early explorations in leather and BDSM were strictly as a submissive, and many of my experiences actually came about from kink modeling in print and on the web. My first appearances were when I modeled for Mr.S/Fetters, and then several issues of Bound and Gagged magazine. Those of you who remember that publication fondly probably remember my infamous spread, “The boy in the box”. Later that same year, I went to work for CapturedGuys.com. They were great years, and it was awesome meeting guys who remember me from those shoots. And even though it was all for publication purposes, I can honestly say that it opened up many doorways of experiences for me, and served as an amazing beginning to my leather journey. Proof that there is not set one way of starting down the path of leather. It’s all about simply embarking and enjoying what you learn along the way.

I am officially a “switch”. I do enjoy being a dominant and mentoring boys, but I have also been a collared boy myself and have learned immensely from the experience of submission. There are some that have a higher percentage in one role over the other..and some are strictly one OR the other. I am not. What I experience in leather is what works for me and gives me the greatest fulfillment….but I certainly do not expect others to follow the same path. What is wonderful about what we do is that much of it is all in the domain of those that create it. This is meant to be fulfilling for all parties involved. And it’s constantly evolving. I have had some great teachers over the years and I am constantly learning new things from all my experiences.

I don’t adhere to the whole “old guard” thing…SORRY.  I believe it existed to some degree…and I believe that those who speak of its existence have altered it to suit their own belief system. As a leatherman…I believe in the NOW…in what is current, and present. What was reality a day ago has changed today..and will change again tomorrow. That is simply evolution.  That is why I heartily embrace the idea that I am New Guard.  I have no need to reference the mythos of the past if to do so results in the judgement of others.  That’s not what leather is about for me.  I am a leatherman first and foremost because it gets my dick hard and because I love to play and be kinky.  “Trust, Honor, and Respect” . . ..yes, all important…and we should be embracing those qualities because we’re members of the HUMAN RACE, not because we’re “old guard”.

I’m always interested in coming to play/judge/teach/perform at leather and BDSM events all over, so shoot me an email if you have something coming up!
Sir Dart

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  1. Hey Dart, Love your blog! I have been reading it for a couple of hours and it’s great. We have a lot in common, I am a “switch” also. I have loved bondage since I was a kid but didn’t really know how it fit into my life until later. Keep up the great work.

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