Upcoming workshop – Living Your Fetish, presenting at ILSb-ICBB

Being leatherfolk or a kinkster is a celebration of our uniqueness. It’s about embracing our authenticity and joyfully ‘owning’ what makes our endorphins rush. Trying to understand why we might be aroused by certain things is like trying to explain why one enjoys the taste of black licorice. We all come to the fcd52bcc908d221ff41e9d10996b1cd6table with a variety of fetishes and interests, some of them shared and some of them individual. In this ILSb workshop I’ll be facilitating a discussion about what it is to actually “live” the vitality of your fetish and what that actually entails, as well as the challenges and rewards that accompany it. As part of illustrating the message of the workshop, I have agreed to present in my Strongman persona – a lifelong fetish I have had, and will be required to remain that way for the duration of the weekend 🙂

The theme of this year’s International LeatherSir/leatherboy and International Community Bootblack contest weekend is Own Your Kink.  It’s a great message of being a community where everyone gets to come together and embrace all the hot kinks and fetishes that make us who we are, and celebrate it as a means of our self-expression. It should prove to be a weekend full of fun and immense hot action!

More information on the event as well as the history of ILSb-ICBB can be found here: