Upcoming Workshops hosted by the Center for Sex Positive Culture

The FSPC presents


Saturday August 20th 5pm-8pm EDT

CSPC Annex 1608 15th Ave. W. Seattle WA. 98119

While every physical interaction with rope is different depending on the individual, there are some components that are unique to tying up a man. The bio-mechanics, the energy of the musculature, and of course – the ‘sweet spots’ including the vast array around the cock and balls. Tying up men is Sir Dart’s favorite thing to do and this class we’ll cover some of the unique aspects of trussing up the male form, including tying up the jewels.

Cost at the door: $25.
Advance: $20. All 3 Dart workshops – Solo — $50.00 and Both Bondage workshops – Solo — $35.00
All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
Open to all 18+
Attendance is limited to 30 people.
Questions may be directed to: education@thefspc.org

Tickets Available: strangertickets.com

Sponsored by The Twisted Monk