Upcoming workshop – Living Your Fetish, presenting at ILSb-ICBB

Being leatherfolk or a kinkster is a celebration of our uniqueness. It’s about embracing our authenticity and joyfully ‘owning’ what makes our endorphins rush. Trying to understand why we might be aroused by certain things is like trying to explain why one enjoys the taste of black licorice. We all come to the fcd52bcc908d221ff41e9d10996b1cd6table with a variety of fetishes and interests, some of them shared and some of them individual. In this ILSb workshop I’ll be facilitating¬†a discussion about what it is to actually “live” the vitality of your fetish and what that actually entails, as well as the challenges and rewards that accompany it. As part of illustrating the message of the workshop, I have agreed to present in my Strongman persona – a lifelong fetish I have had, and will be required to remain that way for the duration of the weekend ūüôā

The theme of this year’s International LeatherSir/leatherboy and International Community Bootblack contest weekend is Own Your Kink. ¬†It’s a great message of being a community where everyone gets to come together and embrace all the hot kinks and fetishes that make us who we are, and celebrate it as a means of our self-expression. It should prove to be a weekend full of fun and immense hot action!

More information on the event as well as the history of ILSb-ICBB can be found here:










Damn, I F@%CKED UP! – hosted by the Center for Sex Positive Culture

The FSPC presents

Sunday August 21st at 6:30pm – 7:30pm in PDT


CSPC Annex 1609 15th Ave. W, Seattle WA. 98119

Who we are and how we play is dangerous. And let’s face it, no matter how much precaution or how much prep we may take, sooner or later we or someone we know is going to fuck up. Or perhaps we are a titleholder or a community figure and we suddenly disappoint as a result of a bad judgement. We are going to make a mistake, have a failure, or in worse case, have an accident. It’s simply part of being human. But as leather and kink folk, how do we handle our mistakes/accidents? In this workshop we will take an in-depth look at our ‘failures’, and examine constructive ways of dealing with them not only in ourselves, but in others that we observe in our tribe.

Cost at the door: $20.
Advance: $15. All 3 Dart workshops – Solo ‚ÄĒ $50.00 and Both Bondage workshops – Solo ‚ÄĒ $35.00
All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
Open to all 18+
Attendance is limited to 30 people.
Questions may be directed to: education@thefspc.org

Tickets Available: strangertickets.com

Bondage Bullfighting – hosted by the Center for Sex Positive Culture

The FSPC presents


Sunday August 21 at 4pm – 5:30pm at PDT

CSPC Annex 1608 15th Ave. W, Seattle WA. 98119

Bondage is more than simply memorizing a bunch of pretty knots. It’s an exchange of power and energy- a kind of “dance” between dominant and submissive, that takes both parties on a journey to a common goal and “catharsis”. It is not unlike what a matador does with a bull during a bullfight. In this class we take a step back and re-examine the actual power exchange with the rope, and how we can create an amazingly erotic bondage experience, even with only knowing one type of knot. This class is hands-on so please bring rope if you have it, and be prepared to do a little moving.

Cost at the door: $25.
Advance: $20. All 3 Dart workshops – Solo ‚ÄĒ $50.00 and Both Bondage workshops – Solo ‚ÄĒ $35.00
All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
Open to all 18+
Attendance is limited to 30 people.
Questions may be directed to: education@thefspc.org

Tickets Available: strangertickets.com

The Twisted Monk will be there at this event with a selection of hemp rope available for sale if you don’t have rope, or want more! Come early for the best selection. See you there!

Upcoming Workshops hosted by the Center for Sex Positive Culture

The FSPC presents


Saturday August 20th 5pm-8pm EDT

CSPC Annex 1608 15th Ave. W. Seattle WA. 98119

While every physical interaction with rope is different depending on the individual, there are some components that are unique to tying up a man. The bio-mechanics, the energy of the musculature, and of course – the ‘sweet spots’ including the vast array around the cock and balls. Tying up men is Sir Dart’s favorite thing to do and this class we’ll cover some of the unique aspects of trussing up the male form, including tying up the jewels.

Cost at the door: $25.
Advance: $20. All 3 Dart workshops – Solo ‚ÄĒ $50.00 and Both Bondage workshops – Solo ‚ÄĒ $35.00
All sexes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, relationship orientations welcome and celebrated.
Open to all 18+
Attendance is limited to 30 people.
Questions may be directed to: education@thefspc.org

Tickets Available: strangertickets.com

Sponsored by The Twisted Monk

New Podcast! – Sophia Sky – Executive Director of the FSPC


On August 20-21 I will have the pleasure of teaching a number of workshops at the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle. In this podcast I had the chance to sit down with the Executive Director for the FSPC, Sophia Sky. Aside from being an awesome conversationalist and all-around amazing person, she also heads some amazing endeavors with the Center including the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

For more information on my upcoming classes at the FSPC you can refer to the following links:

Bondage for the Male Body

Bondage Bullfighting

Damn I F@%KED UP

Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE

I hope you all enjoy the podcast!


“People are Offended Waiting to Happen”

*Eye roll*

Reading Facebook¬†and other means of social media, I feel as though people have gotten their panties in a wad over absolute petty stuff. This need for constant PC has gotten completely out of hand. The majority of people I follow are somehow involved in leather and kink like myself, and they are sharing stories of people getting offended over incredibly stupid things, including the half-time show of the Superbowl. It’s as though people are freely exercising their ‘right to whine’.

I remember¬†years ago Bart and I presented an introduction to Puppy Play workshop at a popular kink event. During¬†the class, we try to show all facets of puppy play and the many directions you can take it. One facet we demonstrated involved a bondage approach where I ‘forced’ Bart into being a pup – wrestled him to the floor, locked mitts on his fists, muzzled him so he could only make pup noises – that kind of thing. It was great fun and¬†many found the scene to be quite hot. One gentleman however, an older man who identified as a pup, did not like what he saw and later complained about¬†us to the organizers saying, “That’s just wrong!! No one should ever be forced to be a pup! What Sir Dart taught was wrong and that’s not how puppies play!!”

I’m not kidding. It really happened.

I want to tell people, “If you’re going to be offended this easily, you shouldn’t be in kink and BDSM. Period.” As a presenter and educator, I have reached a point where I have to spend more energy on the lexicon of words and phraseology I use rather on the actual material because we have turned into a generation of thin-skinned people who get offended easily. It’s quite ridiculous because if you think about it, there is nothing ‘politically correct’ about kink and BDSM. It’s edgy, it pushes comfort boundaries, it plays with all kinds of areas we consider ‘taboo’ and that’s part of what makes it so fucking arousing. Yet because there are some who are intent on getting their feelings hurt by not being somehow included in what is being presented, we have to present the material in a kind of homogenized way,¬†and that makes it lose its appeal.

I am currently working on a class for an upcoming event, and I have been advised on some very meticulous ways of phrasing certain things so as not to alienate others. I will confess that it¬†has a very constrictive feeling to it and some of the phraseology does not align with my perspective. I have been on the verge of backing out of teaching the subject because there really isn’t any way for me to present the material as *I* know it without others getting offended. What I really want to say sometimes is, “my name is Sir Dart and I’m a faggot. I don’t play with women because I’m not sexually attracted to them and some of their body parts I find actually repulsive. I enjoy tying up men and doing things to them when they’re restrained including rape fantasies. And yes on occasion I like to bareback and I know it’s dangerous and that’s one of the reasons it’s so fucking arousing and also I know we’re not supposed to use drugs or alcohol when we play but I have on occasion and it was fun too.”

Can I get an ‘AMEN’?

Being “easily offended” is what is known as a narcissistic injury. It’s being reactionary to something due to your own shit and making the presented information¬†about YOU in some form.¬†Everyone has opinions, and opinions are healthy to have. What is not healthy is believing that your opinion is your identity; that it is somehow a representation of who you are. When someone challenges or disagrees with your opinion, if you’re offended it’s because you haven’t distinguished your opinion as being separate from your sense of self. Most likely your self-esteem is also damaged.

I lived in Toronto for over nine years, and I can remember how I would get butthurt¬†any time a Canadian friend would make a derogatory comment about American politics. I would find myself getting so worked up and angry because I felt like what this person was saying was a personal attack on me. It was as if I saw myself as the ‘representation’ of the U.S. in that moment and I would find myself angrily defending who I was because I was an American. The truth was it had absolutely nothing to do with me as a person and ironically I would usually agree with what the person was saying about our government. Thing is, I would react because I was insecure in myself, and reading far too much into other people’s opinions.

So for those of you who are easily offended and often make your reactionary voices heard, I’d like you to please consider¬†the following:

  1. You are offended because you WANT to be. You genuinely believe a part of your core has been attacked in some way and in order to make yourself feel more powerful and less dominated, you are speaking up in a reactionary tone. There’s no bringing you down from that because you WANT to be there. You really honestly believe that you are getting a payoff from being reactionary. The truth is you’re not.
  2. You’re not actually reacting to what is being said, but to your own stuff being triggered. Take a moment and actually¬†listen to what is being said from a place of neutrality, rather than from the filter of your own shit. You’ll find it actually feels better.
  3. Oddly enough, it’s NOT about you. We are in a day and age of egocentricity, where we believe everything is somehow connected to us. You combine this¬†with the information age and technology where a person feels they can safely express themselves behind their keyboard, and suddenly everything is all about you. It’s not. You can actually sit this one out and you won’t ‘disappear’.
  4. You may receive an apology or appeasement of some kind from the person or party who unintentionally offended you. If there is an emotional investment in the relationship of any kind, including a friendship – then you can bank on its sincerity and put the hurt behind you with a greater understanding of one another. Apologies are great in this regard because they get us to stop coming from a place of ego and actually embrace humility. However, if you do not have a direct relationship with the offender,¬†half the time it’s just to get you to go away. Seriously. Many of us who have been titleholders and presenters have accidentally said or done something that has led to somebody or some organization being offended, and we’ve had to ‘do the right thing’ by humbly providing a public apology and taking ownership of the miscommunication. This results in our having to coin an email of humility of some kind do all kinds of politicking to show the community we are good people.¬†And once we’ve done that, we’ve gone to our peers talking about you behind your back and how incredibly annoying and petty you’re being and that really all we want if for you to go away because you’re ruining it for the rest of us. Yes, it’s true. We’ve told you we’re sorry, and we still think you’re a royal pain in the ass. And knowing it is half the battle.

Now all this being said, there is a constructive approach to being heard and having an exchange of information if that is what both parties are genuinely committed to. It’s actually possibly to engage in a dialogue that does not come from a place of reaction, where the parties involved can respect the difference in opinions but not draw personal conclusions of attack from them. In order for that to happen, you have to take out the actual reaction to what is being said, and¬†hear what the person is trying to convey. Not just the words, but where they are coming from in what they are expressing. Be open to having an appreciation of this person’s stance without feeling that to do so you are losing a part of yourself. Agree to disagree and do so freely without any venom. It’s a muscle that takes time to strengthen, but truthfully it’s the more evolved approach to differences.

Last of all, sometimes it’s perfectly okay to give up the need to be “right” all the time. Some of the wisest words on this came from my mother who told me, “Some people would rather be¬†right,¬†than happy.”

Be a Judge, Not a Bully

In late July I will have the honor of being one of the judges for the Southeast Alliance of Leather Weekend. It’s especially exciting because my husband Sir Bart has been selected as a¬†backup judge, and it would be the first time we judged a contest together.¬†We were discussing the types of questions we would ask and what each of us would look for in the contestants, and it all brought me back to the couple of times when I was a titleholder and what I encountered from my various¬†judging panels. They often say that becoming a titleholder can be one of the most cruel and grueling experiences of the leather community. I’d like to assert that in some cases, that can begin with be subjected to a douchey judge.

In 2002 I had won the title of Pistons Leatherman in Long Beach. This served as a feeder contest for the American Brotherhood Weekend in DC where I would compete for the American Leatherman title. I was still new in my experience of leather and had little to no community involvement. But like many contestants, I was wooed in with being told that I would be a good candidate and that they “really needed contestants and I had a good chance”. Okay, sure why not. I was naive at the time and hindsight is 20/20. I wound up winning and thus the adventure of the national title ensued.

Now I want to preface this with saying that ABW is a fantastic event and I recommend it highly. It’s just that my personal experience of competing in it was horrible.¬†I did meet¬†some great people there, had a really fun time doing my fantasy on stage, and scored surprisingly well among the other contestants who had considerable more experience than I (second runner-up for those wondering). All that aside, participating in that contest was a very negative¬†experience, all because of the nastiness I received during my interview from a particular judge.

I will not divulge his name, but I tell you that when it was his turn to ask questions, he took off his reading glasses and wiped them dramatically saying, “I just want to understand something. I want to know what the big deal is that you have to use the name ‘Dart’ and not your real name in this contest? If you have something to hide I suggest you tell this panel what it is once and for all.”

I looked at him quizzically and said, “well, I’m not¬†hiding anything it’s just the name I go by in the community. My real name is David – you all know that.”

The guy made no eye contact with me. He just stared off in the distance and continued.

“Well all I know is that your real name was listed on a publication and a whole lotta stink was raised about changing it to ‘Dart”. Don’t know what you’re doing in the contest if you gotta use a fake name.”

I just want to¬†add that the two¬†gentlemen that were interviewed before me were named RTB and Jazz. I digress…

Again I responded that I was not aware of any ‘stink’ that had been¬†raised as I had no interaction with the editor of said publication. I suggested that perhaps it was my title’s producer that had said something.¬†This all went on for 20 minutes, and the rest of the judges had to be quick with their interview questions with me as a result. I walked out of there having been purposefully embarrassed and humiliated, and I had considered dropping out.¬†Later that evening there was a cocktail meet-and-greet with the judges, and I will never forget the interaction I had with the man. He looked at me and laughed jovially and gave me a big hug saying “Aw you know I think you’re cute as hell Dart! I was just having fun giving you a hard time and it was good for ya! I just loved watching you squirm in fear! You were adorable!”


I would like to tell you all that this is embellished but it’s actually how the interaction was. And I thought, I want nothing to do with this title if this is how its judges are conducting themselves. This man’s questioning had nothing to do with whether I could represent¬†the title or not. He was simply deriving pleasure out of¬†being a¬†bully.

Being asked to judge a contest is not an invitation to be a prick! You have been asked to volunteer your time because your are held in high regard by the community and the producers feel you would have good insight in finding the right candidate to represent the title. This is not your opportunity to make yourself feel powerful by making somebody else feel bad. Yet sadly, I see this left and right, both from what I hear from friends who have competed and from what I’ve observed from fellow judges.

I can remember my former boy Leon participating in a boy title contest and receiving second place. When he shared the judges’ notes with me I was aghast at some of the things I read as they seemed to be so petty. One particular judge – a bootblack – kept coming back to the fact that my boy’s laces were not tied as tight as they could be, and every single note made mention of them:

“Decent speech, but dammit you need to lace those boots up better!”

“You present yourself well, except for your laces!”

“Good answer to the question but I’m going to spank you if you don’t fix those laces!”

Um …they’re laces, not laurels. I get there’s an importance to appearing neat, especially to a bootblack when it comes to footwear. But what does this have to do with¬†the bigger picture? I mean, I have a fetish for facial hair but it¬†doesn’t mean I’m going to dock the guy points if he can’t grow a full beard. I can always use Photoshop later…

As judges we need to keep our questions relevant to the present, and that less is more. How many of us who¬†have competed were asked things like ‘who was the first runner-up of the year 1985 and what was his platform and blah blah blah? Ultimately is this answer important for what the person does with the title now?

I also get fed up with judges who when they ask a question they preface it with a little mini-documentary¬†about themselves and what makes them ‘important’,¬†usually in the form of a¬†diatribe that goes on for several minutes and takes up everybody else’s time. Honestly, just pour yourself a glass of ‘shut-the-fuck-up’, and ask your question. Your merits¬†are all going to be read off by the emcee so we don’t need to go into it here, and the contestant has already put you in high regard¬†because they want to impress you and win the contest. Don’t take extra advantage of being boosted up. As my friend Pug would say, ‘when you put someone on a pedestal you get a really good view of their asshole’. All the more reason not to put yourself¬†up on one.

When I judge a contest I want to know what makes the contestant real. I’m not looking for a superhero, I’m looking for someone that openly expresses their ongoing¬†trials and tribulations. I respect a contestant that readily admits that they’re human and not perfect. I want to know what they get passionate about, even if it’s not leather or kink related. I certainly don’t wear my leather 24/7 and I don’t want a title represented by somebody who claims to. And most of all, I want the contestant to feel relaxed and connected to me. Personally the only way I believe I’m going to see this person’s true spirit is if they feel that being themselves is okay. It’s certainly the message we preach in leather, so we need to walk that walk when it comes to a title. The victor is certainly going to have their hands full with what they take on for their title year; it’s up to us as judges to be a positive gateway for that person’s title journey. Let’s not forget this.

Oh and one last thing. Please don’t feed contestants that crap about ‘leather is not what you wear, it’s in your heart’ – because we all know we’d dock their scores if they came in wearing¬†tennis shoes…



ROPECRAFT Class: Cause and Effect Bondage

If you’re coming to¬†ROPECRAFT¬†in Austin Feb. 19-21 you’ll have an opportunity to come to one of our favorite classes to teach: Cause and Effect Bondage – The Joys of Predicament. ¬†Sir Bart¬†and I love teaching this class because well, it’s evil and fun, it always gets a great response from the audience (at the expense of the demo bottoms of course), and it opens up the channels of creativity for people who are stuck in doing bondage a rigid particular way every time. For people that want to learn the beautiful art of Japanese rope tying – um, this ain’t that.

The basis of the class is simple. It’s about putting the sub into a compromised bondage position where there is a consequence of some kind if they move or try to escape. As we Doms all know, nothing gives us pleasure than being able to look at the sub and say, “you did it to yourself.”

There are some bottoms that feel a very calm, peaceful state when they are put into bondage,and perhaps you’ve experienced this for yourself as a top. You put forth a concentrated effort to truss them up tightly and make their situation completely inescapable – and their eyes close¬†and they disappear into a blissful state. All cinched up and they don’t put forth any¬†attempts to struggle or fight because they so relaxed and feel so safe in the binds. The expression on their face may even look as though they are in deep meditation, and as the top you have to basically sit there and babysit and they venture off into their world of deep serenity.


I don’t know about you, but as a Dom I don’t want to be a ‘spa’. I enjoy the play a lot more¬†if there is a constant back and forth with the sub and it’s in the form of taunting and frustration.¬†¬†If I’m going to be putting someone in bondage, I don’t want them to go their happy place, I want them to go to¬†mine.¬†I’d prefer they not keep their eyes closed – I want them to stay wide open¬†and focusing on ME as if to say, “please no! You’re in control! I’ll do anything Sir!”

And you can smile back saying, “That is correct boy. You WILL.”

We will be using some rope¬†in the class, along with all kinds of toys and pervertables that we’ll incorporate¬†to create some very devious and creative ‘booby traps’. One we did recently¬†involved¬†securing a big musclebear (de-lish!) naked and spreadeagle on the floor of where we were teaching. We took a fat alter candle and pared out the bottom of it so that we had a usable wick at both ends. We then hung the candle sideways directly above the victim, and attached part of the rigging via parachute cord to tarp clamps that were biting on¬†his nipples. ¬†So when the hot bear struggled even slightly, it would pull on the candle and cause it to spin. The only thing left was to light both ends ūüôā Thus, bits of hot wax would drip onto him causing him to wince,which in turn made the candle twirl and throw more hot wax onto his hairy body. It was delightful. It reminded me of an old spy movie scene, and I pictured myself sitting in a chair with shaved head and petting a white cat saying, “no Mr. Bond I expect you to die. Mwahahahaha!”

But I digress. The class is very light-hearted and there’s usually a lot of evil laughter from the participants. If you’re coming to¬†ROPECRAFT¬†please come by and take part in the fun!




Ugh – major pet peeve of mine.

A few weeks ago we decided to get to know our local leather community here in Virginia Beach, and went to their appointed night at the local bar. The¬†leather group¬†was doing a fundraiser for the local food bank, so we came equipped with canned goods as well as a bag of rope to ‘instigate’ a little play right there in the bar <evil grin>.

Well, after a few liberally appointed gin and tonics followed up with some jello shots, we managed to coerce a cute young man to ‘volunteer’ to be trussed up. He was absolutely adorable, and although he claimed to be 26 years old he didn’t look a day over 18 – although that could also be a product of my getting older *sigh*. ¬†He removed his shirt revealing completely flawless unblemished skin and a beautiful set of abs, and he had a face that was almost cherubic¬†with a set of ‘smiling’ eyes.¬†He looked at us and said, “this boy is all yours, Sirs. I need to be controlled.” We just about melted. In that moment, Santa Clause was real. I cast the first length of rope onto his torso and he closed his eyes and shivered with excitement as the lengths were tightened across his chest. The grin that ensued as each knot was secured on his arms and wrists gave us fire to keep the dance going, and I held his body against mine as Bart silenced his mouth with black tape. The moans of pleasure vibrated through his body into mine and we both got animalistic as we turned him into a piece of property. More and more rope was added to secure him in place, and I pulled him deeper into submission each time I ‘cinched with gusto’ as my dear friend¬†Midori¬†coaches in her classes. The three of us were having a scene, and the pleasure was being had by not only us but by those who chose to watch. Each time we stroked the boy’s body with our hands our our tongues, he writhed in ecstasy. This is what I love about bondage.

Eventually the boy needed to be let out, so we slowly undid the ropes and brought him back into a grounded state. The ride was a joy for all of us, and people came up to share how much they enjoyed watching. There was one gentleman who commented how he loved seeing the exchange that was happening, but he added, “that being said, I’ll forgive you for the Granny knot I saw” and chuckled.

“Granny knot..?” I asked.

“Well yeah,” he responded. “I mean I’m sure what you meant to do was a square knot but yeah, you totally flubbed and did a Granny! But hey, we’re all allowed a mistake.”

And alas, this is something that I think really spoils rope bondage for everybody. See, I have great respect for all the pretty ornamental Kinbaku bondage stuff that you see in fancy photographs and at various bondage cons. It’s an art form, and it can be very difficult to execute. But it’s still just¬†rope, and when I use it it’s because I want to secure a hot guy and do fun and mean things to him. If I’m doing my job right, ultimately he’s not going to care what kind of knots I use or how ‘pretty’ they are, and frankly neither am I! The point is, we had a connection happening and the rope was a part of it, but not the focus.

Now I know this man meant well and was not trying to be a jerk in his comment. He was actually quite gracious to talk to. It did illustrate though something that I think really gets in the way of people learning about and enjoying rope bondage. Some people get too pretentious with the specifics of Japanese styles or what types of knots are ‘supposed’ to be used. The bottom line is bondage is play – it’s about what’s happening between the top and the bottom. If there is serious passion and chemistry in the exchange, the last thing anyone should notice is whether the knot used is a bowline, a granny, or a bow for that matter. When you ‘rope shame’ somebody’s bondage because it doesn’t look a certain way, you invalidate the connection that just happened between them and their sub. It’s just rope! Keep it fun!

And incidentally I kept my response to the gentleman very simply and polite:¬†“A granny knot? Well, judging by the look on the boy’s face, I think he’ll forgive me.”



Maleform Bondage – racking my brain

So speaking of¬†ROPECRAFT, one of the classes I have been asked to teach is on the specifics of tying up a male body – something I happen to love! And yes, this will include some hands-on details about lashing up the cock and balls. I’m pretty excited about this class, but also a bit anxious as I am creating the class as we speak.

Most of the events Bart and I are asked to present at are pansexual, and this means that any kind of rope bondage that occurs is usually with women. And rightfully so, as women’s bodies bode very well for positions that require flexibility and contortion generally speaking. But being a gay man, I simply don’t connect with a female body when it comes to bondage and play; there just isn’t a chemistry. For me, I love using the rope to secure a rock hard muscular man – especially one that is bigger than me – feeling the knots on the tautness of their body, the smell of the sweat, the deep grunting and moans of frustration. And then to secure their throbbing cock and hear their agony as the ropes constrict the bloodflow like a cockring as I edge them against their will, as they try to cuss me out through the confinement of the rope bridle gag I’ve secured in their mouth. They look at me pleadingly with the male prowess in their eyes, and bits of drool gently seep from their lips onto their beard. They know I’m in control now and they willfully submit in their helplessness……

….yeah, this is what I’m teaching in February, complete with live demonstration of course.

Now I just gotta create it ūüôā

And for the record, someone asked me if I was going to be demonstrating the cock and ball bondage portion on¬†myself. Alas, the answer is NO. I want the attendees to be able to actually see¬†the subject matter without having to put on their glasses….










Cover and insert photos by Michele Serchuk, Copyright 2008