The Pup Thing

Yes, after being strictly a handler for several years, it happened. Out of the blue, I found myself wanting to be a pup myself. I wanted to get on all fours with my leather mitts locked on my fists, my knee pads snugly in place, a collar on my neck and a tail in my arse that I could wag…

And yes, my pup name is Jet. Quite apropos.

So, how the hell did this happen? Apparently it’s a virus that lays dormant in the body for an extensive length of time until one day, it presents itself and you just have the urge. And when you do, all the other human pups smugly respond how they have been waiting for this day and that “they knew it all along” and blah blah blah. Or arf arf arf rather.

Actually the desire to explore being a pup came about from a suggestion made by a bondage playmate I was submitting to. One day he was threatening to turn me into a pup against my will and interact with me like that for the remainder of the session. It was honestly the first time I had ever considered being on the receiving end of a leash, and admittedly I was aroused by the idea. The time had come for me to have chew toys of my own.

And I have to say, it’s a blast. Sometimes with all the activity and being in charge that goes on with daily life, it’s great fun to get together with my handler Sir Brent (which doesn’t happen enough), get on all fours and play. There’s only the present moment when I’m in that mode – everything is just NOW. If it’s not in my present view, it doesn’t exist. And all I have to do is be on the receiving end of Sir’s love and affection, not to mention belly rubs. I like it because it’s simple; there’s not a lot of “rules” or extensive tradition-laden protocols we have to abide by. It’s very freestyle and organic, and we don’t have to deal with others telling us the way it’s supposed to be done. Now on occasion I will encounter a pup here and there who ascribe to the competitive “I’m more canine than thou” creed, citing claims that these newcomer kids just don’t truly understand and embrace the ‘pup spirit’ like the more seasoned hounds. Seriously? To me this is all about having a good time and freeing up in play. I’m not about to prove my authenticity by drinking out of the toilet.  Also, there are those who have been judgmental to leather newbies who choose pup play as their entry experience as opposed to be being a boy or a slave. They think it’s wrong that they are choosing what the apparent ‘trend’ is..

*Eye roll*. Calm down and throw me a squeaky. We’re all just having a good time. Keep it simple.

One other thing I’m really enjoying about this exploration is being part of an older demographic of pups. Puppy play is usually comprised of younger folks in their twenties and thirties, or at least the majority of what you encounter is that age range. To be a man in his late forties and be accepted as a kind of ‘alpha’ muscle pup that the younger pups look up to is a great joy. I actually have a pup brother named Spike who is of the same age bracket and body type. He is sexy and covered in tatts, and we have had many a hot scene, doggy style (I’ll let your mind go where it may with that). I also have a good friend whose pup name is Merit, and he loves when I address him as ‘beta’ as that is how he sees himself to Jet. There’s also Runt, Artie, Beast, Cobalt, Chopper –  to name a few; all dear friends with an added ‘canine’ benefit. Of course, sometimes in the mosh pit there’s the occasional wrestling match that ensues between pups in a fight for dominance. Hmm…wrestling with other hot human canines on the floor to achieve a position of power – bring it on!


Now to check out the new tails from Mr. S…