Teaching in Ireland

Early in the year I had the unique pleasure of presenting in Dublin for Ireland’s gay men’s leather BDSM organization, RULE (Rubber-Uniform-Leather-Event). As the group is slowly establishing its place in the international community, they are expanding their endeavors by conducting educational demos and workshops. The event consisted of a 3 hour introduction to bondage workshop during the day, followed by their monthly dress code event that evening at a local venue.  The workshop focused on rope bondage basics and safety, explored some very fun predicament scenarios, and was followed by hands-on practicing and plenty of time for Q and A. The guys were wonderfully enthusiastic and hungry for the information, and it was awesome to teach to a group that was so engaged and eager to learn.

RULE has had quite an extensive history in its creation, and has evolved over the years as a result of  perseverance and community support.  At the helm of the group is a man named Karl Haydn, who has been actively involved in bringing an established leather scene to Ireland since 1993.  Karl shares his story of discovering his leather self when he befriended an older man named Don Wood back in the early nineties, who was very much into leather and BDSM and recognized the same in Karl. He allowed Karl to ask all kinds of questions about what leather and fetish were about. He describes it as “coming out all over again” as it was not something that was regularly accepted even in the gay community. Karl eventually became involved in changing the Irish laws in 1993 so that gay men would no longer be criminalized; and in his pursuits began to have a better understanding of human rights and the right to be one’s own self. Karl writes, “There was no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed by who and what I am. I have the right to be open and be with other guys who share my leather BDSM interests.” But, the issue of course was there needed to be places to meet those guys.  He and Don teamed up with two other gentlemen to create a regular leather club night in a bar in Dublin.

I personally found it very exciting and a real honor to be included in this event with our leather brothers in the Emerald Isle. The members of RULE have a great enthusiasm and passion to keep the leather and BDSM scene in Ireland growing and expanding. They are hungry for experience and education, and take great pride in the endeavors they have created. The members definitely seek more demos and workshops from outside presenters, and are also working diligently to sustain their regular monthly club nights in Dublin. There is even talk of creating a RULE leather title to represent the country at IML. These are awesome (and SEXY) gentlemen and what they have created deserves international recognition. It was a great priveledge to be a part of their growth, and I encourage the international leather community to support the strides of this organization.

Please enjoy the accompanying photos 🙂

Éirinn go Brách!