Houston, Tribal Fire and more…

Whew!  This schedule looked intense on paper.  Now that I’m actually doing it I feel like I’m running a leather marathon.  So much to catch up on and a lot of upcoming stuff.  This is my life.

Tomorrow I head to Oklahoma City to present at Tribal Fire for my fourth time.  I’ll be presenting my Dance of Rope Bondage class, Intro to Puppy Play, and Genital Bondage. . .and word has it there will be a suspension performance from me sometime Saturday night as well.  The event is one of my favorites. . .the group in OKC is excellent and I feel they’re family to me.  And speaking of family, joining me this time will be my cub Dan, pup Argo, and Mistress Victoria.  We decided to make a lil’ “Canadian invasion” this year.  I’m very much looking forward to sharing these awesome people in OKC.

Two weekends ago I presented at Houston’s Spring Iniquity, the resurrected leather conference for NLA-Houston.  Fantastic event.  The organizers went all out in taking care of the guests. . the line up of presenters were top-notch. . .and the participants were enthusiastic to learn and expand.  It was truly an honor to have been included in this awesome event, and I highly recommend it next year to anyone thinking of venturing down there.  One interesting facet – all the men I tied up that weekend, were straight.  *shrugs* … just happened that way…

And finally, YES we have more podcasts coming!  I’m just finishing up editing them and they will be posted very soon.  Among the names of upcoming interviews are Sir Olivier Pratt, International LeatherSir 2007, pup Sparky, International Leatherboy 2007, and Graydancer. . .whom some of you may know through the Ropecast.  Stay tuned 🙂

*Deep breath*

Alrighty… time to go pack the rope.