Upcoming event: ROPECRAFT! Feb, 19-21

For those of you who are looking to refine your skills with rope bondage, or maybe rope is something you never understood because it seemed like one of those types of kink play that simply ‘takes too long’, I want to tell you about an exciting event coming up in Austin TX, called ROPECRAFT , presented by my awesome friend Graydancer. It’s a unique rope bondage conference where there will be a wide spectrum of techniques, intentions, and skill levels. You’ll find internationally renowned performers and bedroom players and Western fusion and Kinbaku. There will be people who have raised their craft to the level of art tying right along with those who don’t give a damn how you tie them as long as you tie them tight and tie them now.

This is also the con to attend if you really don’t understand what the big deal is about rope is, or think it “takes too long,” or is too complicated. It is the con for people wanting to improve basic skills and people working on the really fancy stuff. It’s the place where you can meet and learn from some of the best rope enthusiasts in the world.

There will have three nights of sex-positive play space RIGHT IN THE HOTEL. The producers are partnering with the amazing people at Bondage Expo Dallas and Bonds of Steel to bring you rock-solid suspension frames, tripods, crosses, benches, and a few surprises, too: BoS is creating equipment that will be premiering at ROPECRAFT. That means you can be among the first to use it! There will also be all-day access to a practice room in addition to the Ropenspace Sunday afternoon. We’re also making sure that there is plenty of room for floorwork, self-suspension, or even non-rope play if that’s what you’re looking for.

I am very humbly honored to be slated as a guest of honor for this event, alongside my dear friend and kick-ass rope teacher, Midori, and we will be joined by 17 world-class presenters offering classes of all forms and skill levels. I myself will be teaching are infamous Predicament Bondage class, as well as the Dynamics of the Switch and a brand new class, Bondage for the Male Body (’cause it’s just not the same as tying up a woman).

The event is on February 19-21 in Austin TX. and you can find more information about it and purchase tickets here:


The link also has information regarding the host hotel and booking rooms. I’m very excited about being included in this upcoming con and I encourage all rope enthusiasts – novice to expert – to check it out! It will prove to be a very fun time for all!

Sir Dart